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Fuel Injector Cleaning Service

At INJECTOR RENEW, we use the most up-to-date computerized ASNU equipment to renew your gasoline fuel injectors for:

Outboard Boat Motors, including Suzuki, Yamaha, Mercury, Evinrude, and Honda

Detailed, specialized & computerized analysis for racing boats, available upon request.

Our Experienced Staff, Tests, Cleans and Replaces:

  1.  Fuel Flow
  2. Resistance
  3.  Coil Load
  4.  Leak Test
  5.  Ultrasonic Cleaning
  6.  Replace Filters and O-Rings


The first step and our goal is to provide the fastest service possible. If we receive injectors before noon they most likely will be shipped that same day, if after 12 pm they will be shipped the next day. Be careful of weekends because we don't ship Saturdays and Sundays.


Upon unpacking your injectors we inspect, clean debris, and oils from outside each injector. Then they go for their before cleaning diagnostics test providing leak test, resistance for the internal coil, spray pattern, M/S RPM test, automatic flow test, and static flow test. Results are then recorded onto the test form. Next the filters are removed and injectors are ultrasonic cleaned in a warm solution that dissolve all trapped carbon, ethanol deposits, paraffin, and water rust debris. This process can require more than one cleaning depending on how bad the injectors were to begin with. Then we install new filters and 0-rings. Now we run the same tests again and when they meet the proper specifications we record the results to the test form. At this point the injectors are vacuum sealed with test results, boxed and shipped. We will call you if an injector needs replaced, to give you adequate time to purchase your replacement injector. We do not sell injectors.


If sending injectors please include a company, or certified check in the box with your injectors along with a return shipping tag. Also, include your business card, or shipping address, phone number, and e-mail address.  Ship the injectors to Injector Renew, 6421 Berridge Drive, Wilmington NC  All injectors are vacuum sealed for return shipment. This prevents damage from shipping, and adds for longer shelf life for our dealers that stock injectors. Custom packaging available on request.

Please feel free to call (910) 612-9731 for any additional information.

24 hour service (plus shipping time)


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